Brownsville Motel

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Queen/Accessible Standard

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Queen Standard

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Double/Twin Standard

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Double/Double Standard

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Property Information

Brownsville Motel
8592 LaPorte Road
Brownsville CA 95919 United States

Brownsville Motel


Property Features

  1. Mini Fridge
  2. Outdoor Seating
  3. BBQ Area- Propane Grills
  4. Lawn Chairs
  5. Mountain Biking
  6. Air-Conditioning
  7. Cable TV
  8. Wheel Chair Access
  9. Non-Smoking Rooms
  10. Pet friendly
  11. Interconnecting Rooms
  12. Dog Friendly
  13. Free High Speed Wifi
  14. BBQ Area
  15. Iron On Request
  16. Free Outdoor Parking (not guarded)

Accommodation Details

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Queen Standard Book

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Terms & Conditions

Check-in begins at 3:00 pm with an 11:00 am check-out. Early check-in or check-out is at the sole discretion of motel management.
Guests checking-in after 9:00 pm must contact motel management at time of booking or prior to 6:00 pm on arrival date.
All occupants including children and pets must be registered at check-in.
A valid credit card must be on file to confirm and hold a reservation. An unconfirmed reservation may be sold if guest has not checked-in or notified motel management by 6:00 pm on arrival date.
A cancellation must be received within 24 hours of check-in to avoid a cancellation penalty charge of 1-night stay, including all taxes and fees.
Pets must be declared at booking and must be registered prior to occupying a room.
A pet cleaning and damage deposit is required prior to a pet occupying a room.
Pets must be leased at all times when on motel property.
Pets are not allowed on furniture, including beds to avoid additional cleaning and/or damage charges.
Aggressive pets or pets exhibiting threatening behavior will be required to be removed from the property immediately without refund of room/pet fees.
Rooms with a pet registered must have an inspection by motel management at check-out prior to refund any or all of the pet deposit.
Noise curfew begins at 10:00 pm continuing thru 8:00 am as a courtesy to our guests.
Furniture and fixtures are not to be moved or re-arranged without permission of motel management.
For safety precautions, all electrical fixtures such as lamps, heating & AC must be turned off prior to leaving the room for an extended period of time.
For safety precautions, all guest appliances, such as hair dryers, curling irons, cell phones, laptops or pads, must be unplugged prior to leaving the room.
Guests are responsible for all possessions and/or valuables in motel rooms.
Guests not returning room keys at check-out will be charged a key fee of not less than $25.00.
Guests will be charged for any damages or items removed from rooms during their stay.

Payment Policy

Payment is required for the entire guest stay prior to or at check-in. Guests credit card on file will be charged for the entire guest stay at 6pm on the arrival date, if guest has not checked in prior to that time.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy requires a notice 24-hour prior to check-in date/time to avoid a cancellation fee equal to a 1 night stay plus any additional taxes and/or fees.

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