Carriage House

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West Asheville Carriage House Standard

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West Asheville Loft Standard

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Property Information

Carriage House
1413 Patton Ave.
Asheville NC 28806 United States

Carriage House

Tastefully decorated & furnished West Asheville Rentals. The apartments are located in West Asheville. Ample parking. One two bedroom apartment and one one bedroom apartment.
Professionally cleaned between stays. Cable and internet is included. Kitchens are stocked for your cooking needs. Close to Haywood Road, Malvern Hills park, and a very short drive to downtown Asheville.

Property Features

  1. Air-Conditioning
  2. Cable TV
  3. Complimentary Wifi
  4. WiFi Internet
  5. Fridge
  6. Coffee Pot
  7. TV
  8. Free Outdoor Parking (not guarded)
  9. Full Kitchen

Accommodation Details

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West Asheville Carriage House Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  • Sleeps 4
  • Room 1: 1 King bed
  • Room 2: 1 Queen bed
  • 1 Bathroom

  • Non-smoking
  1. Plates/glassware
  2. Fridge - Fullsize
  3. Cable television
  4. Iron
  5. Linen and Towels Provided
  6. Fire alarm
  7. Bathroom
  8. Shower over bath
  9. Kitchen
  10. Television
  11. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  12. Full kitchen
  13. Silverware/utensils
  14. Kitchen supplies
  15. Non-Smoking
  16. Pots and pans
  17. Heating
  18. Smoke detectors
  19. Tea/Coffee Maker
  20. Wireless Internet
  21. Air conditioned

Carriage House

West Asheville Loft Standard

West Asheville Loft Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  • Sleeps 2
  • Room 1: 1 King bed
  • 1 Bathroom

  • Non-smoking
  1. Plates/glassware
  2. Fridge - Fullsize
  3. Shower
  4. Tea/Coffee Maker
  5. Toaster
  6. Fire alarm
  7. Hairdryer
  8. Shower only
  9. Linen and Towels Provided
  10. Non-Smoking
  11. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  12. Heating
  13. Iron/Ironing board
  14. Television
  15. Wireless Internet
  16. Pots and pans
  17. Cable television
  18. Cups/glassware
  19. Dining Area
  20. Plates and bowls
  21. Air conditioned

Terms & Conditions

GUESTS RESERVING ON BEHALF OF THIRD PARTY – Guests who reserve units with the intent that they will be used by third party guests recognize that they will be responsible for damages, missing property and excessive cleaning fees for all rented properties.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT – Check-in time is 3:00 pm and Check-out is 10:00 am.  Please be prompt, our cleaning staff has a very short time to prepare your unit for the next guest.   Late check-out fees will apply at the rate of $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.

NO SMOKING – Smoking is not allowed in The Loft of Carriage House.  Guests breaking this rule are required to pay a $250 sanitation fee.

MUST BE 21 -- We do not rent to anyone under 21 years of age. We may require proof of identification.

NO CANDLES – Use of candles is not allowed in the unit.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – There is a maximum number of guests allowed in the units.   Guests will be charged for additional guests.  No camping is allowed on the property.

GROUP GATHERINGS – Gatherings of lodging guests (or outside non-guests) are not allowed without prior approval by The Farm. 

NO DAILY MAID/LINEN SERVICE – Daily maid service and linen change service is not included in the rental fee.   If you are interested in maid service during your stay, contact The Farm office for pricing.

PETS – Pets are NOT ALLOWED in the Carriage House or The Loft.  Guests who allow a pet inside their unit will pay a $250 sanitation fee.

LODGING FURNITURE AND FIXTURES – Guests are not allowed to move linens, kitchen items, furniture etc. from the assigned unit.  Furniture cannot be moved from the original placement positions.

PARKING – Designated parking is available behind the dental office.   Please do NOT park under the awning in front of the Carriage House Mon-Fri during business hours.  That spot is reserved for one of the dentists.   You are welcome to park there on weekends.

NO NOISE – Guests must be considerate of guests in other units.  No loud music or other noise that can be heard outside of the unit. 

FORCE MAJEURE – Should events beyond the reasonable control of The Farm, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war or terrorist attack, (3) disease (e.g. SARS, COVID-19), (4) government regulation or advisory, (5) local disasters including snow and ice storms, fire, flooding, hurricanes and the like, (6) shortages or disruption of electrical power and/or Internet, (7) any other cause reasonably beyond The Farm's control, make it impracticable, illegal or impossible for The Farm to provide lodging services, The Farm may terminate this Agreement, without liability, upon written or electronic notification.  The Farm will make reasonable best efforts to reschedule lodging within one (1) year of the original booking, based on availability and will transfer 80% of deposits made to the new date.  If guest should elect not to re-book, no refund will be provided.

INDEMNIFICATION – Guests agree to release Orion Management, Justice Ridge Farms and Chestnut Hill Management and their officers, agents and employees of any liability whatsoever including loss of property, accident, illness, bodily injury or death, sustained by the guest or guest’s guests for loss of or damage to any property sustained in connection with their stay on the property.  In addition, guests expressly assume liability for damage to The Farm property as well as the risk for others whom they invite to use the property.

SECURITY DEPOSIT – Guests must provide a valid credit card number to The Farm for use as a Security Deposit.  While The Farm anticipates normal wear and tear, guests will be charged an excessive cleaning fee as deemed necessary and replacement costs for missing or damaged items.

WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS - Any exceptions to these policies must be approved in writing in advance.

Payment Policy

Upon booking, if the reservation is more than sixty (60) days prior to the check in date a deposit of 50% of the total of the rental fee is required.

Sixty (60) days prior to the check in date, the remaining balance of the rental fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

The card will remain on file for at least seven (7) days after check out in the event of any necessary additional charges. See terms and conditions.

Cancellation Policy

The Farm cancellation process is as follows:

Cancellations made more than sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date:  guests will be refunded one half of the rental amounts paid to date.  All refunds will be postmarked on, or after, the date of the scheduled check-in.

Cancellations made less than sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date; guests do not qualify for a refund.  Note:  early departure does not warrant a refund of the rental fee.

Cancellations made over holiday periods on fully non-refundable at the time of booking. Holiday periods include but are not limited to Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Please inquire about other holidays that may be included in this policy.

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