Faralda Crane Hotel

5.0 stars
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Free Spirit Standard Rate

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Studio Corporate - Music events

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Entire Crane Standard

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Property Information

Faralda Crane Hotel
NDSM-Plein 78
Amsterdam Netherlands 1033 WB The Netherlands

Temporarily PROMO from €595
For a 5 star suite
(normal price €895)

3 suites per week only
First come...
Ask for availability

Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam, the world famous and praised hotel with 3 breathtaking suites in the top.

The view over Amsterdam and the harbor is amazing. Your suite floats above the river IJ.
A panorama elevator brings you straight into your suite. Your stay will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Each suite is a huge 5 star luxurious designed cube. The living is beautiful decorated by an international team of interior designers.
The separated bedroom has a king size bed and a grand bath tube.
There is a bathroom with rain shower, a secluded toilet and the spa pool on top deck.

The view from your suite or private spa pool on top (150 Ft / 50 meter ) is breathtaking.

A stay is on request. Faralda is not the cheapest but by far the most Romantic and Inspiring place to stay.
Prices start at € 700 up.

Choose the suite you like:
- Mystique
- Secret suite
- Free Spirit

Just call us, +31207606161

The studio is famous for all kind of Corporate, music or private events.
World leading DJ’s play for max. 71 people in top of the crane.
Access in the crane is Private - Invites only. What ever, free spirits only….

Property Features

  1. Adults-Only
  2. Security Parking (charges apply)
  3. Helipad
  4. Complimentary Ferry for Hotel Guests
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. Air-Conditioning
  7. Oversize Vehicle Parking
  8. USB Plugs
  9. Hair Dryer
  10. Spa
  11. Large Off Street Car Park
  12. Iron On Request
  13. Smart TV
  14. Coffee Maker
  15. 1 King Bedroom
  16. Conference Facilities
  17. Coffee Pot
  18. Internet Access
  19. BBQ Area
  20. Veranda
  21. TV
  22. Fire Sprinkler System
  23. Day Spa
  24. Street-Side Parking (Charges Apply)
  25. Jacuzzi
  26. Free Luggage Storage
  27. Bar/Lounge
  28. Non-Smoking Property
  29. Lakefront
  30. Free WiFi in Public Lounge
  31. Sandy Beach
  32. Non-Smoking Rooms
  33. Lift/Elevator
  34. Boat Moorings
  35. Broadband Internet Access
  36. Outdoor Seating
  37. WiFi Internet
  38. Cable TV
  39. HD Cable Channels
  40. Free High Speed Wifi
  41. XXL Beds
  42. Terrace
  43. Heated Pool
  44. CCTV
  45. Mini Fridge
  46. Massage
  47. Super King Bed
  48. Complimentary Wifi
  49. Free Outdoor Parking (not guarded)
  50. Meeting Room
  51. Hot Tub
  52. Concierge
  53. Street parking
  54. Onsite Parking- Charges Apply
  55. Coffee Bar

Accommodation Details

Faralda Crane Hotel

Free Spirit Standard Rate

Free Spirit Standard Rate Book

Free Spirit Standard Rate

  1. 1 Full Bed
  2. Fridge
  3. Lift/Elevator Access
  4. Wireless Internet
  5. Spa
  6. Non-Smoking
  7. Bath
  8. Water View
  9. Fan
  10. Heating
  11. 1 King Bed
  12. Bathroom
  13. WIFI
  14. Shower
  15. Super King
  16. 24hr Security
  17. Hairdryer
  18. 1 King / 1 Queen Bed
  19. Free Toiletries
  20. Tea/Coffee Maker
  21. Room Safe
  22. Hot Tub
  23. Housekeeping
  24. Adults-Only
  25. Terrace
  26. Flat Screen TV
  27. Internet Access
  28. Television
  29. Air conditioned
  31. Shower - separate
  32. Jacuzzi
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Studio Corporate - Music events Book

Standard rates for this room

Entire Crane Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Mini Fridge
  2. Queen Bed
  3. Free Toiletries
  4. Bathroom TV
  5. Daily Housekeeping
  6. Mood Lighting
  7. 3 Bedrooms
  8. Fridge
  9. Bay View
  10. Water View
  11. Dogs Accepted
  12. 3 Queen Beds
  13. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  14. Hairdryer
  15. Deluxe Room
  16. Double Room
  17. Sea View
  18. Bath
  19. Hot Tub
  20. Detached Bathroom
  21. Ocean Views
  22. Flat Screen TV
  23. Full Bed
  24. Internet Access
  25. Lounge Area
  26. Double Room with Extra Bed
  27. Shower
  28. Bath open to room
  29. Television
  30. WIFI
  31. 1 Single bed
  32. Free High Speed Wifi
  33. Garden View
  34. TV Room
  35. Mini Bar
  36. En-Suite
  37. Shower - separate
  38. Stairs
  39. Jacuzzi
  40. Wireless Internet
  41. En-suite Bathroom
  42. Air conditioned
  43. Bathroom

Terms & Conditions

Check in is from 13.30 / 1.30 PM
Your key care will be in the safe or inform us about your arrival time.

Your Key Card is in the safe (Left at the entrance door)
Most of the time we’re in the crane. Call if you need some help.

CODE 6665 (Only take YOUR Key Card. Close the safe.
Change the code and push slider back)

The crane is not a public place. Please check NOBODY enters the Crane.
All guests and staff have a card.

Enter the Crane with your Key card and take the elevator to “Bordes 2”
When you arrive: Wait 4 seconds to unlock before you open the doors.
Please CLOSE the inside and outside doors  (Otherwise the elevator will not work).

The view from “Bordes 2” is breathtaking. Change here to elevator 2, this elevator will bring you straight into your suite.
Wait again 4 seconds at arrival to unlock the door. Close all doors (otherwise the elevator doesn’t work for other guests).
In case of non-compliance with this Manual repair costs will be charged.

Access in the crane and suites is possible by a personal key card.
Don’t forget to close the elevator door.
Take your Key card and hold 2 seconds in front of the Key holder.

Faralda provides a fast glass viber network. The internet is for free.
The WIFI password will be given upon arrival.
TV only works on Chrome cast and HD cable.

The sewer is a fragile system because the Crane still turns in the wind.
The sewer system is very fragile because the crane still turns in the wind.
Only use toilet paper. Do not through wipes in the toilet.
In case of non-compliance of this Manual € 450 repair costs will be charged.

SONOS music system:
Your suite has a SONOS sound system.
Make a WIFI connection and download the free SONOS app and accept existing system.

Be sure you choose the right suite you stay!

Spa pool is on the top deck of the crane at level 4. The Spa pool on top deck may be used for extra costs of € 90
There are only 3 suites. Nobody will use the spa during whole stay. So please use the slide in the elevator when the Spa is in use.
You will have all the privacy you want. Use the slide in the elevator (occupied or not)
Because of safety glass is not allowed on top deck.

Only use the stream and light button and close the lit after use of the Spa pool.
Because of hygiene it is not allowed to use the spa pool with make up or tan.
In case of non-compliance of this Manual € 125 cleaning costs will be charged.

Only with written permission of the landlord it;s allowed to stay with more than 2 people in one suite.

It is forbidden:
- To use the safety stair outside your suite.
- To smoke in your suite (costs minimal € 175)
- To use the spa pool with make up or tan (€ 125 cleaning costs will be charged)
- To through wipes in the toilet

Cancellation policy:
To avoid curious people we apply a non cancellation and non refundable booking policy. A booking is final after payment. After a booking has been made the booking is final. Guest have no right of restitution or refund. Only after agreement of Landlord a date of stay maybe be changed. We only have 3 suites.

Entering the crane is entirely at your own risk. Landlord is not liable for damage, injury, theft, nuisance in any way whatsoever. The crane is a safe building and meets the highest demands. In case of technical failure, damage and extreme weather conditions, landlord reserves all rights to cancel a reservation(s) or booking(s) and he may deny access at the crane without financial liability claim. Guests reserves the right to an alternative overnight stay if the damage and /or technical failure is not caused by him.

Because of safety and in case of emergency all instructions of Landlord must be followed. In case of non-compliance or violation of the General Conditions or Manual damage / repair costs will be charged be charged without notice or default. Because of safety Landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation(s) or may deny access into the crane without any financial liability claim. We have a non- refundable cancelation policy. A reservation is confirmed and final upon payment.

We are not perfect, but we do our best. If you have a complaint guests have to inform landlord immediately to avoid any right of financial compensation. We then resolve the problem or may help where we can. Customer loses the right to complain if a complaint is not submitted in time and Landlord is no longer liable.

Recordings, (live) streaming, advertisements and all other kind of commercial activations are prohibited without written permission of the landlord. On all our services, we apply our General Conditions and the Manual. Use of the crane and all equipment is at own risk and without further notice damage will be repaired at cost of renter. A deposit will be settled with the costs. For any questions please contact the landlord.

Kind regards / Vriendelijke groet,

On behalf of Faralda Crane Hotel staff

Edwin Kornmann Rudi
Website: www.faralda.com

Payment Policy

- Mastercard/ Visa/ AmericanExpress/ Maestro
- BankTransfer
- Cash

Cancellation Policy

- A booking is subject to availability.
- A booking and reservation is made under the express condition of Corona measures.
- We apply a non-refundable fee. A booking is final after payment and allocation.
- In the event of new Corona regulations, we offer our guests the option to rebook their booking up to 3 days before their stay to a jointly agreed new date.
- In all circumstances Faralda reserves the right to cancel bookings and refuse requests.
- We apply our General Delivery and Payment conditions and the Faralda Manual
- This offer is personal and non-transferable.
- This offer is not valid in combination with other promotions.
- Dinner arrangement only available on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.
- Price is including wine pairing- Limited availability
- Price for the arrangement is including tax, exclusive transport
- We apply different rates for public holidays

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