Houseboat Village

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Property Information

Houseboat Village
2403 Boylston Ave E
*Seattle Washington 98102 United States

Houseboat Village

In the Eastlake district of Seattle, close to Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle Urban Village features a roof top deck with 360 view of downtown and space needle, free WiFi, community kitchen, laundry facilities. Free street parking is available nearby. The Seattle Center is 2 km away from the apartment. The apartment has a terrace, 4 bedrooms, a living room and a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and an oven. The apartment also has a bathroom. Space Needle is 2 km from the apartment, while Pike Place Market is 2.2 km away. Sea-Tac Airport is 18 km from the property.

Property Features

  1. Free Parking
  2. Bicycle Parking
  3. Coffee Maker
  4. Iron On Request
  5. Street parking
  6. Guest Laundry
  7. Terrace
  8. Dining Room
  9. Non-Smoking Property
  10. Shared Kitchen
  11. Complimentary Wifi
  12. Lawn Chairs
  13. Adults-Only
  14. Smart TV
  15. Internet Access
  16. WiFi Internet
  17. Free WiFi in Public Lounge
  18. Hairdresser
  19. TV
  20. Microwave
  21. Full Kitchen
  22. Hairdryer - Upon request

Accommodation Details

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Orcas - Standard Rate Book

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Lopez - Standard Rate Book

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  1. Dishwasher
  2. Sea View
  3. Futon
  4. Terrace
  5. Linen Provided
  6. Mountain View
  7. Shower
  8. Stairs
  9. Kitchen
  10. Desk
  11. Non-Smoking
  12. Free Toiletries
  13. Hairdryer
  14. Laundry Facilities
  15. Microwave
  16. Double Bed
  17. Shower above bath
  18. Bathroom
  20. WIFI
  21. Oven
  22. Adults-Only
  23. Heating
  24. Water View
  25. Wireless Internet
  26. En-suite Bathroom
  27. Fridge - Fullsize
  28. Tea/Coffee Maker
  29. Linen and Towels Provided
  30. Dining Setting
  31. Flat Screen TV
  32. Smart TV
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Vashon - Standard Rate Book

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Private 1BR - Standard Rate Book

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San Juan - Standard Rate Book

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Guemes - Standard Rate Book

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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Seattle! The Eastlake neighborhood is our favorite neighborhood in Seattle. It is close to downtown and everything Seattle has to offer. There are few things to help you get oriented:

Market- Eastlake Market on Lynn st has food, basics and essentials to help you get started. QFC is a local grocery chain, the closest one is within walking distance.
Garbage/Recycle/Food Compost bins are by the garage door down at the alley. Seattle has strict rules on how to separate these.
Bus lines are one block away on Eastlake Ave.
Bicycles are everywhere in Seattle to rent on demand, download apps such as Limebike to find the nearest bike to you.
Link Light Rail stations are within 10 mins walk north or south of here.

Please observe the check-in/check-out time. A hotel service company manages our turnovers. They are on a tight schedule. If they find a guest in the unit during non contract time, they will assess the guest a fee for altering their schedule.

Please read the House Rules presented to you when you booked our units. Guests breaking house rules would be subject to eviction and immediate termination. Below are some of them as reminder:
• We provide you basics to get you started, guests stock their own supplies.
• Housekeeping is for common space only. Guests can pay $50/hour cleaning for us to arrange housekeeping for your rooms and private space.
• Only things you have eaten can be flushed down the toilet/drain. If our plumbing service has to clean out personal items that clot up the drain, they will assess the guest a plumbing clean out fee of $180
• All additional guests must register with host for approval and pay $25/person/night guest fee
• Guests clean after themselves in common area, do their own dishes and laundry, no piling of dishes and laundry.
• No personal items in common area
• A $50 per item cleaning fee will be assessed if our cleaning service has to remove any litter, small personal items ($100 per large item) from common area, or clean guest dishes/laundry.
• Quiet time is 9pm to 7am, no parties are permitted
• No smoking of any kind is permitted on premise
• No alteration of any kind in any part of the property, no driving nails on walls
• No pets are permitted on premise
• For your security, guests keep building entrances and your own rooms entrances locked when you are not here
• Roof top deck is for guests only, to be used at your own risk. Please lock behind you after use
• Because we are a long term stay property, we provide some basic house hold items to get you started at move in. Guests will be responsible for restocking your own supplies of house hold items.
• Garage is reserved for owner's use only
• Long term guests will be required to sign a rental agreement after booking

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Below House Rules were in the booking agreement you agreed to:
To ensure everyone can enjoy the common space, and per our guests’ request, we created below house rules. The fine for breaking the house rules is $200 per incident.

1. Hallways & Common Areas. No leaving unapproved furniture, unapproved personal belongings in the common space without Lessor’s prior written approval. Approval request needs to be sent to
-Guest shall keep noise to a minimum therein, no house parties are permitted in the common area any time.
-No one is permitted to sleep in common area at any time.
-No personal items in the common space are permitted (shoes, bags, personal laptops, clothing, dirty devices, food debris etc.)
-No doing laundry overnight in utilities space is permitted.
-No TV, musical instrument other personal entertainment devices are permitted.
-No organized party in common area is permitted without Lessor's prior written approval.
Removal of any abandoned or unauthorized items will be charged at $100 per item/piece.
2. All furniture on wood floor require felt pads to prevent scratching against the floor.
3. Guest shall relieve stoppage of drains at Guest’s expense unless resulting from a condition existing at move in.
4. Guest shall not drive any nails or screws into walls, and shall not paint anything, without prior written consent of Lessor. Any attachment furniture to the walls or any part of the property will be considered permanent attachment and landlord’s property at the end of the lease.
5. Guest shall keep TV, stereo, radio and musical instrument volumes low enough so that no noise whatsoever shall escape from Guest’s private unit/space. Guest shall not create or permit any other nuisance on the Property.
6. Guests. All guests need to be reported to with a copy of the guest’s ID, move in date and move out date. Anyone staying more than 12 consecutive days or 7 accumulative days per month is considered long term Guest, who shall register with the landlord and pay $150/month/person guest fee. Guest is responsible for the conduct of all guests on the Property and shall insure the guests comply with these Rules. Unregistered guest will be charged $100/day.
7. Vehicles. Guest shall not park or store recreational vehicles, trailers, boats and inoperable or unlicensed automobiles on the property on or in any parking area provided for the Property.
8. Fireplace Insert/Wood Stove. Wood stoves are prohibited. No fireplace insert may be installed without lessor’s prior written permission. If permission is given, then the installation must be inspected by the applicable city or county building department, at Guest’s expense, before the same is used.
9. Water Beds, Pianos, Exercise Equipment & Other Heavy Objects on Premise. No water beds, exercise equipment, aquariums, pianos, organs, libraries, or other unusually heavy objects are permitted anywhere on Premise without Lessor’s written permission.
10. Screens. Lessor is not obligated to provide window and/or door screens. If there any presently installed, Lessor has no obligation to maintain or replace them.
11. Bicycles and small transportation devices. No bicycles, skateboards, scooters etc shall be stored inside the house/property without Lessor's prior written approval
12. No standalone heaters are allowed at this property at any time. These heaters are fire hazards.
13. Smoking of any kind is a lease violation. We provide the courtesy to assess a $200 fine, before proceeding with eviction process.
14. Guest shall not interfere other Guests’ safe enjoyment of any common space. Harassment of any kind is not permitted.
15. No car washing or furniture cleaning/refinishing is permitted on premise.
16. In order for our utilities fee to stay low and reasonable, please keep your shower to under 5 minutes per showing, turn off lights and electronics when you are not home, and limit other unnecessary usage in water, sewer, garbage, electricity, gas, heat etc.
17. Only things you have eaten can be flushed down the toilet/drain. If our plumber has to clean out personal items, he will assess a plumbing clean out fee of $180.

BY BOOKING OUR PROPERTY, guest/Guest/lessee agrees:

1. Quiet Enjoyment, House Rules and HOA rules. Lessor covenants that on paying the rent and performing the covenants herein contained, Lessee shall peacefully and quietly have, hold, and enjoy the demised premises for the agreed house rules and HOA rules.
Below term applies to condo lessees:
Lessees shall comply with all rules and regulations governing the Condominium Complex, including but not limited to, The Declaration of Condominium, and reservations set forth on the Survey Map associated with the Condominium Complex, the Rules and Regulation for occupants of the Condominium Complex, and the Bylaws governing the Condominium Complex (collectively, the ‘HOA Documents’). 2. Guest shall promptly pay to Condominium Complex any fines or charges assessed against Lessee as a result of Lessee’s violation of the HOA Documents. Lessee shall reimburse Owner / Agent immediately upon demand for any fines or charges assessed against Owner / Agent as a result of Lessee’s violation of the HOA documents. 3. In case of any conflict between the WA State Lease / Rental Agreement & Security Deposit Receipt and the HOA Documents, whichever is more restrictive in governing the conduct of occupants of the Premises shall control. 4. If Lessee receives a notice from the HOA, the Lessee is to immediately forward same copy to owner. If issues arise, communication with the HOA is only to be made through the Owner.

2. Use of Premises. The demised premises shall be used and occupied by Lessee with a shared common area. Outside lessees’ private unit, lessees share the common space with the lessor and lessor’s authorized representatives (for example, maintenance crew, cleaning and administrative personnel etc) and other Lessees who occupy the other units. Neither the premises nor any part thereof shall be used at any time during the term of this lease by Lessee for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private family residence. Lessee shall comply with all the sanitary laws, ordinances, rules, and orders of appropriate governmental authorities affecting the cleanliness, occupancy, and preservation of the demised premises, and the sidewalks connected thereto, during the term of this lease.

Crime Free: Lessees agree that violation of any of the following by lessees or any guests, constitutes a nuisance and is grounds for eviction and/or other legal action by the owner/agent:
1. ILLEGAL DRUGS: Lessee hereby agrees to keep the premises free of illegal drugs during the term of the Lessee’s tenancy. Lessee agrees that illegal drugs will not be used, stored, manufactured, or kept on the Premises by the Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises, or any guest, or invitee during the term of the Agreement. Lessee will keep the Premises “drug free” at all times.
2. SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Lessee agrees that Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises and any guest or invitee shall not use controlled substances (including alcohol and prescription medications) in a manner that will either: a) disturb the peace and quiet enjoyment of the other Lessees or neighbors to the Premises; or b) endanger the health, safety, or well-being of Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises, or any guest or invitee.
3. ILLEGAL GANG ACTIVITY: Lessee agrees that Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises, or any guest or invitee shall not be a member of an illegal gang, nor shall Lessee, any family member, or any guest or invitee engage in any gang related activity on the Premises during tenancy. For the purposes of this Addendum, the term “illegal gang” refers to a group, or member of a group, of people involved in organizing illegal activity or anti-social behaviors.
4. GRAFFITI: Lessee agrees that Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises, or any guest or invitee shall not deface any property on property grounds.
5. CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: Lessee, any family member residing on the Premises, or any guest or invitee shall not engage in criminal activity, including prostitution, threats, intimidation, possession of dangerous weapons, unlawful discharge of firearms, or any breach of the lease agreement that jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare of the Owner / Agent or other Lessee or involving imminent or actual property damage.
6. HARRASSMENT AND/OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Lessee agrees that any incident meeting the definition of harassment and/or domestic violence causing physical harm or threatening to cause harm will result in Termination of Tenancy of the perpetrator according to RCW 59.18.575 of the Residential l Landlord –Guest Act of Washington State (59.18)

3. Purpose. The Premises are leased to Guest for Lessee for residential purposes only for the maximum number of persons designated on the signature page hereof, including children. Guest shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and codes pertaining to the use, occupancy and maintenance of the Premises.

4. Condition of Premises. Landlord and Guest have inspected the Premises prior to the execution of this Agreement and will prepare a copy of a checklist to confirm the condition and cleanliness of the Premises prior to occupancy of the Premises by Guest. Said checklist will be attached to this Lease Agreement and incorporated herein by this reference as though fully set forth. Lessee stipulates that he or she has examined the demised premises, including grounds, roofs, all buildings and improvements, and that they are, at the time of this lease, in good order, repair, and a safe, clean and Guestable condition. All skylight entries should be closed at all time, otherwise lessee shall carry full responsibilities of all damages as a result of open entries.

5. Keys. Lessee will be given one building/laundry access key, one unit access key to the premises and one mailbox key. If all keys are not returned to Lessor following termination of lease, Lessee shall be charged twenty Dollars ($20) per key.

6. Locks. Lessee agrees not to change locks on any door or mailbox without first obtaining Lessor’s written permission. Having obtained written permission, Lessee agrees to pay for changing the locks and to provide Lessor with one duplicate key per lock.

7. Lockout. If Lessee becomes locked out of the premises after management’s regular stated business hours, Lessee will be required to secure another accommodation alternatives without altering the locks on premise

8. Parking. Any parking that may be provided is strictly self-park and is at owner’s risk. Parking fees are for a license to park only. No bailment or bailee custody is intended. Lessor is not responsible for, nor does Lessor assume any liability for damages caused by fire, theft, casualty or any other cause whatsoever with respect to any vehicle or its contents. Snow removal is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Any Guest who wishes to rent a parking space or garage must sign a Parking Space or Garage Rental Agreement.

9. Assignment and Subletting. Without the prior written consent of Lessor, Lessee shall not assign this lease, or sublet or grant any concession or license to use the premises or any part thereof. A consent by Lessor to one assignment, subletting, concession or license shall not be deemed to be a consent to any subsequent assignment, subletting, concession, or license. An assignment, subletting, concession, or license without the prior written consent of Lessor, or an assignment or subletting by operation of law, shall be void and shall, at Lessor’s option, terminate this lease.

10. Alterations and Improvements. Lessee shall make no alterations to the buildings on the demised premises or construct any building or make other improvements on the demised premises without the prior written consent of Lessor. All alterations, changes, and improvements built, constructed, or placed on the demised premises by Lessee, with the exception of fixtures removable without damage to the premises and movable personal property, shall, unless otherwise provided by written agreement between Lessor and Lessee, be the property of Lessor and remain on the demised premises at the expiration or sooner termination of this lease.

11. Damage to Premises. If the demised premises, or any part thereof, shall be partially damaged by fire or other casualty not due to Lessee’s negligence or willful act or that of his employee, family, agent, or visitor, the premises shall be promptly repaired by Lessor and there shall be an abatement of rent corresponding with the time during which, and the extent to which, the leased premises may have been unGuestable; but, if the leased premises should be damaged other than by Lessee’s negligence or willful act or that of his employee, family, agent, or visitor to the extent that Lessor shall decide not to rebuild or repair, the term of this lease shall end and the rent shall be prorated up to the time of the damage.

Installation of cable, wifi, internet or such device: No additional devices shall be installed without prior written permission from the landlord/agent. Lessees should always use the existing devices installed on premise and active services using these existing devices.
If permission is granted from the landlord/agent:
-You may only install such device entirely inside your rental premises.
-The device must not be larger than one meter in diameter. You may not install any such device larger than one meter (1 feet, 3 inches), measured across its widest part.
-Device must be securely mounted. Your device must be mounted in such a manner that it cannot become dislodged. It must not extend beyond the edge of the patio, balcony railing or premise. You may not hang a device out the window.
-You must not damage the premises when installing your device. You may not drill holes in railings, exterior walls, or any other location where holes might impair the building’s waterproofing or there is a risk of striking electrical or water lines.
-Device must be professionally installed. You may hire a professional to install it for you, and our maintenance staff will supervise the installation. If available, you may request the Owner or premises maintenance personnel to install it for you for a nominal fee.
-You are liable for any injury or damage to persons or property caused by your device, and you must maintain liability insurance covering any such injury or damage. You install and operate your device at your own risk. To ensure that you are able to pay damages in the event that your device causes injury or damage, you must purchase and maintain liability insurance for your device for as long as you reside at the premises. You must provide us with proof of that insurance before beginning the installation.

12. Dangerous Materials. Lessee shall not keep or have on the leased premises any article or thing of a dangerous, inflammable, or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire on the leased premises or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company.

13. Right of Inspection. Lessor and his agents shall have the right at all reasonable times during the term of this lease and any renewal thereof to enter the demised premises for the purpose of inspecting the premises and all building and improvements thereon.

14. Maintenance and Repair.
Guest shall assume responsibility for broken appliances during lease term, including but not limited to general care, minor repairs and maintenance at $150 and below. If appliances are equipped with manuals and/or warrantee papers, Guest shall not lose or discard these documents, and will be responsible for their return.
If determined that Guest causes direct damages to the property by herself/himself, Guest is responsible for the repairs herself/himself. If the damage is caused by shared responsibility, Guest will pay for her/his share of the repair.
Should Guest neglect maintenance responsibilities, Owner or agent may assume them on Guest's behalf and any expenses incurred by Owner/agent in connection therewith shall be additional rent (added rent), payable to Owner/agent on demand. If Guest does not agree to be responsible for the basic maintenance, but rather use his own, he may request that Owner's appliances be removed from the premises. All washer/dryer installations must be approved and authorized by Owner in writing. Guest agrees to replace all water supply hoses to washing machine that show any signs of wear every year. Guest also agrees to turn off water supply to washing machine when it is not in use. If Guest picks a vendor for repair without prior consent of the owner/agent, Guest shall be solely responsible for all expenses of the repair. All repairs orders/requests shall be sent to
The parties have entered into this Agreement on the date first above stated, and acknowledge receipt of a copy hereof.

Lessee will, at his/her sole expense, keep and maintain the leased premises and appurtenances in good and sanitary condition and repair during the term of this lease and any renewal thereof. In particular, Lessee shall keep the fixtures in the house or on or about the leased premises in good order and repair; keep the furnace clean; keep the electric bills in order; keep the walks free from dirt and debris; and, at his sole expense, shall make all required repairs to the plumbing, range, heating, apparatus, and electric and gas fixtures whenever damage thereto shall have resulted from Lessee’s misuse, waste, or neglect or that of his employee, family, agent, or visitor. Major maintenance and repair of the leased premises, not due to Lessee’s misuse, waste or neglect or that of his employee, family, agent, or visitor, shall be the responsibility of Lessor or his assigns. Lessee agrees that no signs shall be placed or painting done on or about the leased premises by Lessee or at his direction without the prior written consent of Lessor. Lessee is responsible for minor repairs (see maintenance addendum).

Guest agrees that the Premises are accepted in their "as-is" condition as designated in the checklist specified in Section 6 above. Guest agrees to keep the Premises, including all buildings, landscaping, yard, lawn, and flower beds, in a neat and clean condition, and upon termination of this Agreement to leave the Premises in as good a condition as at commencement, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Without limiting the general obligations of Guest to maintain the Premises, Guest agrees to: (1) properly dispose of all rubbish, garbage and other organic or flammable waste brought to or generated on the Premises, in a clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular
intervals and to assume all costs of elimination and/or fumigation of any infestation caused during the term of the Agreement; (2) properly use and operate all electrical, gas heating, plumbing and other fixtures and appliances located in the Premises and supplied by the Landlord; (3) not to intentionally or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any portion of the Premises, including but not limited to any facilities, structure, appurtenance, equipment, furniture, furnishings and appliances located thereof or to permit any guest, invitee or any other person to do so; and (4) not to permit any nuisance or to maintain any waste on the Premises. It is understood that if the Premises are destroyed through intentional or malicious acts of the Guest or any person acting under control of the Guest, violations may be prosecuted under RCW 9A.48. Upon vacation of the Premises, Landlord shall retain all or any portion of the security deposit as is required to reimburse Landlord for any repairs or restoration of the Premises to the condition described in the checklist, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and Landlord shall invoice Guest for any additional amounts expended in said repairs or restoration.

Maintenance request can be sent to with below information and we will address your maintenance issue:
-Detailed description of the nature of the work
-If this is an appliance repair please list brand name, approximate age, color and serial number
If it is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please call 206-491-8183
Upon submission of this request you will be contacted by phone to confirm the details of the request and schedule the work. By submitting this maintenance request, renter authorizes landlord’s representative to enter renter’s unit at the earliest possible time without other notices to conduct maintenance. If this is a life threatening emergency call 911 immediately. Important: Repair or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials. Damages or plumbing stoppages caused by your negligence or misuse will be paid by you.
15. Painting. Lessor reserves the right to determine when the dwelling will be painted unless there is any law to the contrary.

16. Alterations. Guest shall not make any alterations to the Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord. The term "alternations" shall include, but not be limited to, installing new internet services cables, such devicees, modifications to or substitution of painting, wallpaper, carpet, electrical/plumbing fixtures and yard or landscape renovation. It is understood and agreed that no costs or expenses incurred by Guest for any alterations, repairs or improvements to the Premises shall be payable by Landlord or deducted by Guest from the rent due under this Agreement, unless the Guest has obtained the prior written approval of Landlord.

17. Pets/Smoking/Drug Use. No pets of any kind will be permitted on the property without a fully executed Pet Agreement. No smoking of any kind is allowed on the property. Any other activities of illegal drug use are ground for immediate eviction.

18. Rules and Regulations. Lessor’s existing rules and regulations and building rules, if any, shall be signed by Lessee, attached to this agreement and incorporated into it. Lessor may adopt other rules and regulations at a later time provided that he or she have a legitimate purpose, not modify Lessee’s rights substantially and not become effective without notice of at least two (2) weeks.

19. Subordination of Lease. This lease and Lessee’s leasehold interest hereunder are and shall be subject, subordinate, and inferior to any liens or encumbrances now or hereafter placed on the demised premises by Lessor, all advances made under any such liens or encumbrances, the interest payable on any such liens or encumbrances, and any and all renewals or extensions of such liens or encumbrances.

20. Notice of Intent to Vacate. No month to month agreement shall be arranged.

21. Surrender of Premises. At the expiration of the lease term, Lessee shall quit and surrender the premises hereby demised in as good state and condition as they were at the commencement of this lease, reasonable use and wear thereof and damages by the elements excepted.

23. Default. If any default is made 15 days after rent due date in the payment of rent, or any part thereof, at the times hereinbefore specified, or if any default is made in the performance of or compliance with any other term or condition hereof, the lease, at the option of Lessor, shall terminate and be forfeited, and Lessor may re-enter the premises and remove all persons there from. Lessee shall be given written notice of any default or breach, and termination and forfeiture of the lease shall not result if, within fifteen days of receipt of such notice, Lessee has corrected the default or breach or has taken action reasonably likely to affect such correction within a reasonable time.

24. Abandonment. If at any time during the term of this lease Lessee abandons the demised premises or any part thereof, Lessor may, at his or her option, enter the demised premises by any means without being liable for any prosecution therefore, and without becoming liable to Lessee for damages or for any payment of any kind whatever, and may, at his or her discretion, as agent for Lessee, re-let the demised premises, or any part thereof, for the whole or any part of the then unexpired term, and may receive and collect all rent payable by virtue of such re-letting, and, at Lessor’s option, hold Lessee liable for any difference between the rent that would have been payable under this lease during the balance of the unexpired term, if this lease had continued in force, and the net rent for such period realized by Lessor by means of such re-letting. If Lessor’s right of re-entry is exercised following abandonment of the premises by Lessee, then Lessor may consider any personal property belonging to Lessee and left on the premises to also have been abandoned, in which case Lessor may dispose of all such personal property in any manner Lessor shall deem proper and is hereby relieved of all liability for doing so. Lessee forfeits his/her security deposit upon abandonment.

25. Binding Effect. The covenants and conditions herein contained shall apply to and bind the heirs, legal representatives, and assigns of the parties hereto, and all covenants are to be construed as conditions of this lease.

26. Smoke Detection Device: The above described smoke detection device(s) are: Battery operated. The above described unit is equipped with a smoke detection device as required by RCW 43.44.110(3) (Revised Code of Washington). It is the RESIDENT’S responsibility to maintain the smoke detection device in proper operating condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations including providing replacement batteries as required. A fine of not more than TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS is imposed for failure to comply with these provisions of RCW 43.44.110(4). Failure to maintain the smoke detection unit is also grounds for termination of tenancy.
CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTION DEVICES/FIRE SAFETY AND PROTECTION INFORMATION: The above described carbon monoxide detection device(s) are: Battery operated. In accordance with RCW 19.27.530 a minimum of one carbon monoxide detector is provided. It is the responsibility of the Resident to maintain all carbon monoxide detection devices, including replacement of any batteries. Resident shall not tamper with, remove batteries, or otherwise disable any carbon monoxide detection devices. If battery operated, the unit(s) has been checked and is properly operating at the commencement of tenancy. It is the Guest’s responsibility to maintain the carbon monoxide detection device(s) in proper operating condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, including providing it with replacement batteries as needed. Failure to maintain the carbon monoxide detector is also grounds for termination of tenancy. Additionally, if liability or damages occur because of a Guests’ failure to maintain the unit, you may leave yourself open to potential lawsuits and liability (see WAC 212-10-050). Resident also agrees to test the carbon monoxide detector for proper operation once a month and report any malfunctions to the owner/agent in writing.

27. Severability. If any portion of this lease shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any provision of this lease is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed and enforced as so limited.

28. Lessees are prohibited of access/use of fireplace, chimney, roofs, roof top decks, of any dwellings structures and garages. Lessees understand that they may not file any claims against Lessors or its insurance policy for any damages related to acts of God, theft, personal injury or damages caused by lessee and other lessees on premise. And that the Lessee is solely responsible for any and all damages that the Lessees cause to other Lessees. Lessees are responsible all lessees’ guests injuries occurring on the premise of this property.

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