Linda Sue Manor

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Master Suite

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Pink Room

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Purple Room

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Ballroom Suite

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Tiffany Blue Room

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Secret Garden Room

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Property Information

Linda Sue Manor
2822 Jackson St
Sioux City IA 51104 United States

What makes us your home away from home

Linda Sue Manor is a Queen Ann Victorian-style home built by William Haley in 1896. The house was originally named The Haley House. Haley was a dedicated businessman who wanted to create a gorgeous home for himself and his growing family. Filling the house with exotic woodwork and stunning features, Haley created a masterpiece.

The home was restored in 1998, and purchased by Kelly and Linda Conolly. Kelly, Linda, and their daughter Brittany lived in the home from 2000-2016. Both Kelly and Linda filled the house with antiques and furniture true to the past. It is a pristine work of art on the outside as well as on the inside.

Now, the Haley House is known as the Linda Sue Manor. It is a Boutique Hotel mixed with the traditional bed and breakfast feel. It is dedicated to the late Linda Conolly. Kelly Conolly and Brittany Lesline opened up their family home to the public in early 2017 after Linda lost her battle to cancer. Kelly wanted to give the house life again. Both Kelly and Brittany wanted to invite others to see the beauty of the Victorian home. It is available to those passing through who would like a unique, inviting place to stay.

The beautiful home has seen many years of change, but one thing is for sure, it is true to the era. Surrounded by other homes that are not only breathtaking but unique in features and curb appeal. There are also stand-out buildings and parks on the same streets as the Manor. The few blocks on which Linda Sue Manor is surrounded by is truly one of a kind.

Property Features

  1. WiFi Internet
  2. Free WiFi in Public Lounge
  3. Hair Dryer
  4. TV
  5. Microwave
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Cable TV
  8. TV Room
  9. 1 King Bedroom
  10. Air-Conditioning
  11. Hairdryer - Upon request
  12. Complimentary Wifi
  13. Non-Smoking Property
  14. Fridge
  15. CCTV
  16. Iron On Request
  17. Non-Smoking Rooms
  18. Full Kitchen
  19. HD Cable Channels
  20. Dining Room
  21. 32" Flat Screen TV
  22. BBQ Area
  23. Study Room
  24. Meeting Room
  25. 4 Bathrooms
  26. BBQ Area- Propane Grills
  27. Coffee Bar
  28. Free Outdoor Parking (not guarded)
  29. Outdoor Seating
  30. Bicycle Parking
  31. In House Movies
  32. Free Parking
  33. Free High Speed Wifi
  34. Shared Kitchen
  35. Coffee Maker
  36. Street parking
  37. Free Luggage Storage
  38. Guest Lounge
  39. Coffee Pot
  40. Guest Laundry (charges apply)
  41. Adults-Only
  42. Smart TV
  43. Internet Access
  44. Cyber corner

Accommodation Details

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Master Suite Book

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Pink Room Book

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Purple Room Book

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Ballroom Suite Book

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Tiffany Blue Room Book

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Secret Garden Room Book

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Terms & Conditions

We welcome you to Linda Sue Manor. We are a family run business established in 2017. Our home is dedicated to the late Linda Conolly, and we pride ourselves are keeping this Queen Anne Victorian home true to the original charm. Our goal is to provide visitors, both near and far, a warm and inviting home to stay in.

It is our goal to provide comfortable, high-quality lodging to make your visit one you will remember fondly for years. We are a Boutique Hotel establishment with a traditional B&B feel. While we do not offer a warm breakfast each morning to our guests at this time, we do provide a fully equipped kitchen for your use. We also offer cold breakfast items and snacks. To ensure a fabulous stay we are committed to high standards and policies that will maintain the beauty of integrity of Linda Sue Manor for all guests.

Thank you for choosing us to accommodate you during your stay. Your stay is meant to be special, unique, and enjoyable. To make sure this is a possibility we have a few rules and guidelines for your stay. Included are check-in/check-out procedures, guest requirements, payments, and policies.

Linda Sue Manor LLC welcomes all responsible guests regardless of their race, religion, or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We encourage our guests to be comfortable and be themselves here. There will be no covert or overt effort to impose any personal religious, political, or social convictions on any of our guests. Or create an environment where personal convictions may feel unwelcome. We are grateful for and honor all those we are privileged to host and ask that all our guests show respect and courtesy to one another and our hosts.

*Please read through and note any comments or questions you may have.


CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT- We do have self-check-in. Check-in begins at 1:00 PM and Check out is promptly at 11:00 AM.

Early check-in is allowed if discussed prior to the reservation date. Late check-out is only an option if room/house is not booked.

*We require our guests to:

-gather and place any trash in the main kitchen area or disposed of in outside garbage receptacles.

-Dishes should be placed in the dishwasher, cleaned, and put away.

-Please leave any used/wet towels in bathroom areas.

-Strip bedding and place it on top of the bed.

GUESTS & VISITORS- Linda Sue Manor property is reserved for guests only, no unregistered visitors are allowed overnight. The number of guests needs to be discussed and decided upon before arrival.

Additional visitors can visit between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Please do not exceed 6 people in the home at once, unless previously discussed. We don’t mind if you show them around the main floor of the home

as it is common areas, but please respect the privacy of our guests and ourselves and refrain from touring the 2nd or 3rd floors.

While we love kids, our home is not suitable for children under 10 years of age. We are not kid-proof and do have antiques and treasured items throughout the home. (If questions about children please inquire before booking). However, we will work with guests if there are kids in the group if discussed prior to booking.

NOISE POLICY- We live in a cozy neighborhood, and respect our neighbors and community. Quiet hours are Friday and Saturday 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM and Sunday through Thursday 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Any disturbances can be cause for immediate eviction of guests. Please remember that voices do carry, and we want to maintain a peaceful neighborhood culture.

PARKING POLICY- Linda Sue Manor is limited to 2 automobiles in the driveway. However, there is on-street parking both in the front and on the side. Please do not exceed the allowed cars in the driveway area or block the sidewalk. Motor homes, large trailers, or commercial vehicles cannot be accommodated. Please follow all city signs and rules before parking. We are not responsible for any towed vehicles.

SMOKING POLICY- Positively NO SMOKING is permitted inside this property. If you must smoke, please do so outside of the home and deposit any completely extinguished cigarette butts outside before disposing of them properly. If we find that there has been smoking inside the house a cleaning fee and air quality fee of $250 will be charged upon departure. Any other damages to due smoke will occur other costs.

PET POLICY- Linda Sue Manor is a pet-free facility. We like to keep a clean home for those with allergies. Service animals are welcome if discussed before arrival. Pets cannot be kept in cars on the property. Violations of this policy will result in cancellation of stay, and any damages will be fined to the renter.

REFUND POLICY- Your reservation binds you to Linda Sue Manor during a specific period of time. There should be no expectations of refunds because you are disappointed with the property you haverented or because something unessential associated with the property is not working to your satisfaction. We will make every effort to correct any problems that arise during your stay in a timely manner. However, there will be no refunds for mechanical failure of nonessential items such as television, wifi, air conditions, washer/dryer, dishwasher, or luxury items. If there is a significant problem, notify us immediately. If the Internet or TV cable service goes down, we can only attempt to get that back online during daytime hours through our providers.

DAMAGE/ACCIDENTS POLICY- Guest/Leaseholder agrees to notify the Rental Agent/Manager as to any damages or accidents that occur at Linda Sue Manor during your rental period. If you have a spill or other incident that could cause staining of carpets, furniture, or bed linens please notify us immediately. All damages up to $1500 shall be the responsibility of the guest/renter unless said damage was a result of misconduct or violation of terms of this agreement and/or the policies all damages will be the responsibility of the leaseholder/renter. ALL DAMAGES MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO CHECKOUT. If damages are found after check out the renter will be held responsible for all damages.

Our Accommodations:

At Linda Sue Manor we are equipped with wifi, cable TV in the common living room, TV with public stations in certain bedrooms.

For your use, we offer hair dryers, coffee makers, toaster, blender, pots/pans, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, plates, glasses, paper towels, trash bags, outside grill, patio furniture, and special request items.

For the bedrooms, we provide high-quality bed linens and towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, desk fans in each room, and extra linens and towels.

For special occasions such as holidays, we offer special flatware and dining accessories if requested before arrival.

While we do everything to ensure comfort and convenience, daily maid service is not provided. If this is critically important to you, inquire as to the possibility of paying an extra charge for maid services.

The Linda Sue Manor LLC nor its hosts are responsible for errors or omissions on our website or any other form of advertising. Please confirm important details prior to making your reservation or immediately after.

Payment Policy

25% non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. Remaining amount due 24 hour prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of check-in. Deposits are non-refundable.

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