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Garden View Villa

Prenota 229 $ 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199 199

Pool View Villa

Prenota 329 $ 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319 319

Sea View Villa

Prenota 379 $ 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349 349

Sea Front Villa

Prenota 399 $ 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399 399
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Informazioni sulla struttura

Los Porticos Villas
Placencia Road
Placencia Stann Creek District N/A Belize

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Caratteristiche della struttura

  1. Microwave
  2. Teli piscina
  3. Terrazza con lettino prendisole
  4. Veranda
  5. Aria condizionata
  6. Beach Towels & Chairs
  7. Coffee Maker
  8. Internet WiFi
  9. Piscina scoperta
  10. TV via cavo
  11. WiFi gratuito
  12. Parcheggio esterno gratuito (non sorvegliato)
  13. Fridge
  14. Hair Dryer
  15. TV
  16. Parcheggio gratuito
  17. Cucina completa

Dettagli sistemazione

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Garden View Villa Prenota

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Pool View Villa Prenota

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Sea View Villa Prenota

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Sea Front Villa Prenota

Standard rates for this room

Termini e condizioni

A fee of $50.00US will be charged to your credit card provided for any lost villa keys. As we have a ‘No Glass at the Pool’ policy, any damages from glass at the pool, up to and including draining and refilling the pool will be at the cost of the guest. Any lost or damaged items in the villas or the property will be at the cost of the guest.

Los Porticos Rules and Regulations

Designed to ensure the enjoyment for everyone
Los Porticos Villas is a sea front property consisting of 27 villas owned by year-round residents, part-time residents, and owners who rent their villas to the public. As guests at Los Porticos we want you to enjoy yourself and our facilities. We trust you will be a good neighbor to residents who have their home at Los Porticos. Below is a summary of the rules and regulations which apply to everyone at Los Porticos Villas - guests and residents alike.
Bicycles, Recreational Equipment, etc:
Bicycles can be locked outside while an owner or guest is in residence.
All items such as athletic equipment, fishing equipment, strollers, in-line skates, and toys of any type shall be kept in the villa or on balconies, but not on stairways, landings, breezeways or other common areas.
The use of skate boards, scooters, bicycles, tricycles, in-line skates, and other similar wheeled vehicles are not permitted on the walkways. An adult closely attending a baby in a stroller and the like is permitted. Bicyclists entering and leaving the premises may use the driveways.
The pool is open between the hours of 8:00AM and 9:00PM daily.
No glass containers of any kind, including bottles in a koozie, are permitted on the pool deck or in the pool. Plastic cups are available in each villa and at the bar.
Food is only permitted in the trellised area adjacent to the pool. All food particles and debris are to be cleaned up prior to leaving and taken to a garbage receptacle.
Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the pool facilities without the presence of a responsible adult. Be aware that there is no lifeguard at the pool at any time. Practice safety.
Babies wearing diapers and/or who are not toilet trained are not permitted in the pool.
No horseplay, roughhousing or running activities permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.
For your safety, please do not walk or play on the waterfall – Diving is not allowed.
Inner tubes are for use only in the sea and not in either pool.
There is a quiet time during the hours of 11:00PM and 8:00AM. Every owner and guest of Los Porticos Villas is entitled to live in peace and quiet at night. Noise at that time shall be kept to a minimum.
All rental units are non-smoking and a US $250 cleaning fee per incident will be charged for smoking inside a unit. Smoking is permitted on verandas and common property. Smoking is not permitted at poolside or in the pool. Smokers are asked to dispose of their materials properly.
The Rental Manager, Snowden Consulting Ltd., and their staff, inform you of these rules and on occasion enforce them. As our guests and as neighbors to others on the property, please respect and adhere to these rules and policies while enjoying your vacation.

Important Notes:
Guests are not permitted to have pets in the villas.
Fines may be levied after warnings, and persistent breaches of the Los Porticos Villas Rules and Policies. Payment of these fines will be charged to your credit card or withheld from your damage deposit if one is on file.
In the case of breakage or damage to a villa, or loss or damage to equipment in a villa, please inform the rental management staff immediately.
Villas are inspected immediately after your departure, for damage and loss and for items your party may have left behind. The Rental Manager will try to return these items before you depart Placencia. The Rental Manager also reserves the right to inform you of loss or damage to the villa or its contents after your departure.
Payment for the cost of repair of damages or replacement of broken or lost items will be charged to your credit card or withheld from your damage deposit, and you will be made aware.

Politiche di pagamento

A one night non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Your reservation will be confirmed when this deposit is received. Full payment is due 30 days prior to arrival, this final payment will automatically be charged to your credit card number provided. Full payment is due immediately for bookings made within 30 days.

Politiche di cancellazione

If written cancellation is received 30 days prior to arrival, a full refund less one night deposit will be made. If it is received less than 30 days in advance a 50% refund will be made. There will be no refund for reservations cancelled less than 15 days before scheduled arrival.
Los Porticos Villas is not responsible for cancellations due to weather, airline, legal or medical problems, political events or other natural disasters. We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance.

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