Mansion on Royal Street

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Marigny # 1

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Franklin # 2

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Spain #3

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St. Claude #4

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Royal #5

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St. Roch #6

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Elysian Fields #7

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Dauphine #8

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Burgundy #9

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Chartres #10

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Mandeville #11

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BC Promo Room #5

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BC Promo Room #10

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BC Promo Room #11

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RSC Entire house Standard

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Property Information

Mansion on Royal Street
2438 Royal St
New Orleans LA 70117 United States

This grand 1850's Greek Revival house exudes elegance and decadence of old Creole Louisiana, located in a very friendly neighborhood 6 blocks from the French Quarter and 4 blocks to Frenchmen St. Fine restaurants, famous jazz clubs and sidewalk cafes are within a short walk. Originally built as a single-family home converted to a Bed & Breakfast over 30 yrs ago, we recently made improvements to this beautiful Mansion to provide you with a comfortable experience, for memories to last a lifetime.

Property Features

  1. Mini Fridge
  2. Bicycle Parking
  3. Internet Access
  4. WiFi Internet
  5. Non-Smoking Rooms
  6. Guest Laundry
  7. Tour Desk
  8. Microwave
  9. Free High Speed Wifi
  10. Cable TV
  11. TV
  12. Free Outdoor Parking (not guarded)
  13. Air-Conditioning
  14. Hair Dryer
  15. Iron On Request
  16. Free Parking
  17. Outdoor Seating
  18. Hot Tub
  19. Lawn Chairs
  20. Street parking
  21. Garden
  22. Complimentary Wifi

Accommodation Details

Marigny # 1 Book

Traveling with children? Our “Marigny” suite could be perfect for you, as it boasts two elegant four-post-raised beds and antique furniture that offers more-than-ample clothing storage space for extended stays.

The room is equipped with an original antique fireplace, and has recently been renovated to add a beautiful new bathroom with large tiled shower. Even the name “Marigny” lends itself to antiquity, as it is the last name of French-Creole American, Bernard de Marigny, who in 1806 divided up his plantation (the largest in New Orleans) to develop what is now Faubourg Marigny.

Franklin # 2 Book

The recently renovated Franklin room is high end, with a glamorous mix of original architectural details, antique and contemporary, with the eye-catching furniture, Smart TV, and private bathroom.

Spain #3 Book

“Relaxing” is one of the best words to describe our “Spain” suite (210 sf), as it has plenty of natural light that puts the finishing touches on its calming ambience. This peaceful room offers a queen bed, a full ensuite bathroom (56 sf), original wood floors, a mini-fridge, and a beautiful crystal chandelier. It is located on the first floor, and was once part of the family’s dining area. The name “Spain” was chosen to commemorate Spain’s long ago rule over Louisiana.

  1. Mini Fridge
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Heating
  4. Housekeeping
  5. WIFI
  6. 1 Queen Bed
  7. Bathrobes Provided
  8. Hot Tub
  9. Complimentary European Breakfast
  10. Microwave
  11. Rollaway Beds Available
  12. Bathroom
  13. Tea/Coffee Maker
  14. Lounge Area
  15. Wireless Internet
  16. Flat Screen TV
  17. Hairdryer
  18. Cable/Satellite TV

St. Claude #4 Book

Simply put, the “St. Claude” suite (210 sf) is a fun suite that’s great for kicking back and having fun, as it comes with a wall mounted flat screen TV and is closest to the secluded, double-seated porch swing located just outside the room, which serves as a perfect spot for enjoying the morning sun. This room also boasts an antique armoire, a gorgeous crystal chandelier, and plenty of natural light.

Our “St. Claude” suite comes equipped with a queen bed and a full ensuite bathroom (56 sf) with claw-footed tub/shower combination, and is located at the top of the stairs on the second floor. The suite is named after the famous New Orleans plantation owner, Claude Treme, who lived from 1759 to 1828.

  1. King Bed

Royal #5 Book

Our “Royal” suite can really make you feel noble, as it pampers you with an elegant, antique four-post-raised queen bed, one fold out sofa bed, a private bathroom across the hall, and plush bathrobes. This room (232 sf) is also decorated with rich color and texture, and provides a full size dresser and closet with plenty of clothing space for extended stays.

You may have noticed that this suite is named after our street address, but you may not know that this portion of “Royal Street” that extends past the French Quarter was originally named “Casa Calvo” by Bernard de Marigny. It was renamed “Royal Street” in 1911.“

Mansion on Royal Street

St. Roch #6

St. Roch #6 Book

The spacious "St. Roch" suite - located on the second floor - has it all. Start your day with some fresh air by opening up the room’s 10 foot windows, or step outside and enjoy your morning coffee in private on your side of a roomy, guest-exclusive balcony. An antique armoire and dresser give you ample clothing storage for longer trips and an antique desk is ready for our business travelers. This room (240 sf) has a queen bed and newly renovated private bathroom. “St. Roch” gets its name from the Patron Saint of plague victims after the 1868 yellow fever epidemic.

  1. Outdoor Setting
  2. Balcony

Elysian Fields #7 Book

Located on the second floor, the “Elysian Fields” suite has a queen bed and a private ensuite bathroom. Start your day with some fresh air by opening up the room’s 10 foot windows, or step outside and enjoy your morning coffee in private on your side of a roomy, guest-exclusive balcony. “Elysian Fields” is named after the street’s original name, "Avenue Champs Ellysees," which was chosen by the famous plantation owner, Bernard De Marigny, after a street in Paris with the same name.

  1. Patio Chairs
  2. En-suite Bathroom
  3. Balcony
  4. Mini Fridge
  5. 1 Queen Bed

Mansion on Royal Street

Dauphine #8

Dauphine #8 Book

Our Dauphine Suite is located on the second floor, has a queen size bed, an in-suite shower, and flat screen TV. It gets its name in honor of the famed Louis of France, who was called "Dauphin" at birth - meaning Heir Apparent.

Mansion on Royal Street

Burgundy #9

Burgundy #9 Book

Located on the second floor the Burgundy room has two twin beds perfect for two travelers, which can also be combined to provide a King bed - just let us know your preference. Relax in your home away from home, whether on business or on a private get-away.

Mansion on Royal Street

Chartres #10

Chartres #10 Book

The “Chartres” loft is one of Royal Street Courtyard’s two “economy” suites. Located upstairs in the rear of the house, Chartres is a smaller room (160 sf) that comes with a full sized bed, an ensuite shower in the bathroom, closet space, a dresser, and a wall mounted flat screen TV. It’s a perfect room for backpackers and road trippers. This room - being in the back of the house - is great for guests who like a little extra privacy, and it overlooks the tropical garden and hot tub. The loft gets its name “Chartres” from Philippe d'Orleans, the Duke of Chartres in 1692, who was King Louis' nephew.

Mandeville #11 Book

The “Mandeville” loft is our second “economy” suite (140 sf), and it has a cozy B&B bedroom feel perfect for backpackers or couples on a road trip. This room is separate from the main house, across from the tropical garden (and hot tub!), for added privacy. Mandeville has a full size bed, ensuite shower in the bathroom, newly installed hardwood floors, a crystal chandelier, and a wall mounted flat screen TV. The room gets its namesake from a lesser-known family name of the early New Orleans land owner Bernard De Marigny, who was the original owner of the land the property sits on.

Mansion on Royal Street

BC Promo Room #5

BC Promo Room #5 Book Black Friday Promo 40%

Mansion on Royal Street

BC Promo Room #10

BC Promo Room #10 Book Black Friday Promo 40%

BC Promo Room #11 Book Black Friday Promo 40%

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RSC Entire house Standard Book

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Terms & Conditions

We look forward to having you as our guests. We also would like to thank you in advance for taking good care of our property during your stay and for your cooperation with the following House Rules:
• Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the house, including the balconies and front steps. Smoking IS allowed in the courtyard, however, we request that all smokers be respectful of sharing the space with other guests that may be bothered by smoke. Violation of this rule will result in a cleaning/disinfecting fee of $250.
• ONLY PLASTIC CUPS are allowed in the Hot Tub area on the west side of the house. GLASS cups, plates, bowls, etc. are PROHIBITED. There will be a $50 fine for each violation.
• When sharing common areas of the house, please be courteous and respectful of all other guests.
• Please enter and leave the property in a quiet respectful manner. We ask that you use soft steps and please refrain from loud conversations in your room that may be overheard by other guests in their rooms.
• Quiet Time: There should be no loud noise after 11pm or before 9am.
• Unsafe activities are not allowed on balconies. Please do not lean on or hang over balconies.
• Only the guests that are part of the reservation are allowed on the property with prior consent from your Host. DO NOT give the security codes to anyone that is not part of the reservation.
• Towels, blankets, linens and bathrobes and to remain at the property at all times – please do not take them to parks or festivals, etc.
• The cleaning fee you paid covers normal cleaning services (trash removal, laundry, mopping, etc.), and you are not required to do any cleaning, however, if there will be an additional fee for any excessive/abnormal cleaning, damage or missing items.
• Security Deposit: If there are and damaged or missing items after you check-out, an additional fee will be charged.

Payment Policy

Payment is due in full upon booking your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

100% refund when cancellation is within 24 hours of booking. 50% refund up to 14 days before check in date. Refunds are forfeited if cancellation is within 14 days of your check in date.

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